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Staff Story Submission

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Peace Corps Digital Library. Your contribution will help ensure that the Peace Corps' rich legacy of service is maintained for future generations.

Are you contributing a story that reflects your time as a Peace Corps Volunteer? Please submit it to our Volunteer collection.
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Story Submission Guidelines

Please note that you may only submit one story. In order to be published in the digital library, your submission must:

  • Be 1,500 words or less;
  • Be sensitive to the privacy concerns of individuals, including host country nationals;
  • Not malign the Peace Corps, or any other group or individual;
  • Not include inflammatory, rude or offensive language or content;
  • Not include links to or URLs for Internet sites;
  • Not be used to promote products or services;
  • Not include any personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses or street addresses

Peace Corps reserves the right to edit or reject submissions to the digital library. For additional information and tips on telling your story read our Story Ideas and Suggestions.

OMB control number 0420-0552
Expiration Date: 01/31/2016

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  • Please submit your story in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), rich text (.rtf) or plain text (.txt) format.
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About the Digital Library Project

  • May a Peace Corps staff member contact you if we have questions about your submission?
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  • We anticipate great interest in the 50th anniversary among the domestic and international press, partner universities, RPCV groups and other organizations such as libraries and museums. May we provide your contact information (email and telephone) to groups interested in contacting you for interviews, exhibits, etc? [Note: Peace Corps does not release contact information to groups for the purpose of fundraising.]
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  • We are working to establish a permanent home for original, primary source archival materials about the Peace Corps experience [Ex. letters, journals, Volunteer newsletters or cookbooks from your country of service, photos, slides, video or audio recordings taken while in service, artwork or artifacts, etc…]. May we contact you at a future date about contributing your original materials?
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Authorization and Agreement

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If you are experiencing difficulties submitting your materials, please email to notify the system administrator.

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